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Experimental Plug Aids Recovery From Cataract Surgery

AsianOphthalmology Alliance logo Experimental Plug Aids Recovery From Cataract Surgery

CHICAGO — A tapered-release dexamethasone punctum plug appears to be a reasonable alternative to medicated eye drops for patients who have undergone cataract surgery, according to early research.

“In clinical use, the sustained release may reduce patient pain,” said Tom Walters, MD, from Texan Eye in Austin. Dr Walters presented the phase 2 study during the cataracts session here at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2014 Annual Meeting.

The prospective randomized double-masked trial involved 59 patients at 4 sites. The primary end points of the study were the absence of cells in the anterior chamber — a measure of ocular inflammation — and the absence of pain.

Immediately after cataract surgery, patients were randomized; half received the dexamethasone punctum plug and half received a placebo vehicle punctum plug. In this study, (more…)