Prior trabeculectomy may contribute to refractive surprise post cataract surgery

AO LogoPrior trabeculectomy may contribute to refractive surprise post cataract surgery
Investigators retrospectively compared outcomes in patients who underwent cataract surgery at least three months after trabeculectomy to those with either medically controlled glaucoma or no glaucoma. The trabeculectomy group had significantly greater refractive error than expected compared with each of the two control groups undergoing cataract surgery (P = .005). The refractive difference correlated to IOP change, with 2 mm Hg of IOP rise resulting in a −0.36-diopter shift, suggesting that IOP increase after phaco causes axial length to increase which results in myopic shift.

American Journal of Ophthalmology, May 2013 (673)

AREDS formula requires tinkering

AO LogoAREDS formula requires tinkering
Five-year results from the AREDS2 study shows that adding lutein and zeaxanthin, and/or omega-3 fatty acids to the original AREDS formula did not further reduce the risk of AMD progression. However, they found some benefit in two subgroups: Subjects who took an AREDS formulation with lutein and zeaxanthin but no beta-carotene cut their risk by about 18 percent, while those who had very little lutein and zeaxanthin in their diets but took an AREDS formulation with lutein and zeaxanthin were about 25 percent less likely to develop advanced AMD compared with participants with similar dietary intake who did not take lutein and zeaxanthin. The authors recommend a new formula consisting of 400 IU of vitamin E, 500 mg vitamin C, 10 mg lutein and 2 mg zeaxanthin, 80 mg zinc and 2 mg copper.

Journal of the American Medical Association, May 5 2013 (247)

Phacosection Topical Cataract Surgery : Dr M.S.Ravindra (10.36 min Video)

Phacosection Topical Cataract Surgery (SICS) by Dr M.S.Ravindra (10.36 min Video)


Topical tacrolimus effective for refractory inflammatory ocular surface diseases

AO LogoTopical tacrolimus effective for refractory inflammatory ocular surface diseases
This retrospective review evaluated the efficacy of 0.02% tacrolimus ointment applied one to three times per day, depending on disease severity, for up to 31 months in 12 consecutive patients previously treated with steroid therapy. Treatment showed an immunosuppressive effect in all disease types, especially scleritis and Mooren ulcer. In chronic cicatrizing conjunctivitis, simultaneous tacrolimus while tapering steroid therapy suppressed inflammatory relapse. Tacrolimus did not elevate IOP as do steroids, and no side effects were observed.

American Journal of Ophthalmology, May 2013 (2191)

Trypan blue may reduce posterior capsule opacification

AO LogoTrypan blue may reduce posterior capsule opacification
This prospective, randomized, observer-masked study evaluated posterior capsule opacification rates following cataract surgery in which trypan blue was injected into the capsular bag after cortical-cleaving hydrodissection. Half of 300 eyes included received 0.2 mL of trypan blue 0.1% at two sites 180 degrees apart, while the other half were injected with balanced salt solution. Mean PCO scores were lower in the trypan group at 6 months (P=.042) and 12 months (P=.0227). Two eyes in the trypan group and 6 eyes in the control group required laser capsulotomy.
Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, May 2013 (657)

Pupil dilation post-mortem

AO LogoPupil dilation post-mortem
According to the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research (Tampa, Fla.), “meaningful” pharmacological dilation of pupils is possible after death.
At study onset, images of the pupils were recorded on a digital camera, and then two drops of a solution of 10% phenylephrine and 1% tropicamide were placed on the surface of the corneas. Seven of the eyes received drops pre-procurement and seven post-procurement. (more…) (5493)

TASS associated with intracameral antibiotic injection

AO LogoTASS associated with intracameral antibiotic injection
The ESCRS endophthalmitis study showed that intracameral cefuroxime reduced the incidence of endophthalmitis following cataract surgery. Preliminary studies have shown that intracameral injection of a 0.3% commercial preparation of moxifloxacin (Vigamox, Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas) shows no signs of toxicity and promise in the potential prevention of postoperative endophthalmitis, according to news from ASCRS. Vigamox is preservative free and has no other inactive ingredients that have been shown to affect the anterior segment of the eye when used in an off-label manner intracamerally. (more…) (853)

Femtosecond Laser Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty : Video


Short-term external buckle shows promise for retinal detachment

AO LogoShort-term external buckle shows promise for retinal detachment
This retrospective case series reports two-year outcomes in 31 patients (33 eyes) with a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with inferior retinal breaks. The external buckle consisted of a 505 sponge sutured along the blunt side of a 279 tyre. It was deeply embedded into the inferior fornix without suture after pneumatic retinopexy. The buckle remained in place for three days. Twenty-nine eyes achieved successful reattachment within six months with no more treatment. While the procedure failed in four eyes, reattachment was achieved with further treatment.

American Journal of Ophthalmology, April 2013 (251)

Patients 18–39 respond best to CXL for keratoconus

AO LogoPatients 18–39 respond best to CXL for keratoconus
Investigators retrospectively evaluated the four-year outcomes of corneal cross-linking (CXL) for progressive keratoconus among 300 patients, stratified according to age. CXL was effective in stabilizing progression in all age groups, but patients between ages 18 and 39 achieved better functional and morphological results. All age groups – under 18, 18–29, 30–39, and over 40 years – experienced a significant improvement in BCVA. Additionally, patients demonstrated a significant decrease in spherical equivalent and a decrease in topographic parameters.

Ophthalmology, May 2012 (390)

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