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AOA Podcast : Adenoviral Conjunctivitis : Dr Sameera Irfan

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AOA Podcast : Adenoviral Conjunctivitis / Keratitis : Dr Sameera Irfan Approx 20 min

Dr Sameera Discusses Adenoviral Conjunctivitis & Keratitis in this podcast. Please leave your comments and queries under the post. Dr Sameera shall answer them for you. You can download the podcast for listening at your leisure. A link to the file is available in this post. You can also subscribe to our podcasts in the Apple iTunes store for FREE so that you get an automatic update when a new episode is posted.


Dr Sarbjit Singh


Microsporidial Keratitis after Collagen Cross-linking

AOA logo Microsporidial Keratitis after Collagen Cross-linking Gautam , Jhanji V, Satpathy G, Khokhar S, Agarwal T; Ocular Immunology and Inflammation (Aug 2013)

Purpose: To report a case of infectious keratitis due to Microsporidium after collagen crosslinking (CXL).

Methods: A 36-year-old man presented with a 3-day history of pain, redness and diminution of vision in his left eye. The patient had received CXL for keratoconus in the left eye 6 days prior to presentation. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was 20/25 OD and counting fingers OS. Slit lamp (more…)