Anterior Vitrectomy for Anterior Segment Surgeon: Dr Priya Narang

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Anterior Vitrectomy for Anterior Segment Surgeons : Dr Priya Narang MD

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R.I.P. Professor Doctor Jan Gerben Frans Worst

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AOA Podcast : Strabismus : Lecture 2 : Dr Sameera Irfan

AsianOphthalmology Alliance logoThis is the second episode of AOA podcast. In this podcast Dr Sameera Irfan discusses binocular single vision and its relationship with strabismus. Please do leave your comments and queries in the comments section.

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Strabismus Podcast : Lecture 1 (Dr Sameera Irfan)

AsianOphthalmology Alliance logoThis is the first in the series of podcasts which asianophthalmology alliance is bringing to you. Please leave your comments and questions in the comments section. Dr Sameera shall go through them and shall try to answer them in subsequent episodes.

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Dr Sarbjit Singh


1st World Congress on Manual SICS (Dec 4-6, 2015)

AsianOphthalmology Alliance logo 1st World Congress on Manual SICS (Dec 4-6, 2015) in Pune, India


Dear Doctors,

Cataract surgery is the most common procedure performed in eye departments and forms the backbone of most practices & eye care programs. It has evolved greatly in the past two decades and phacomulsification and manual small incision cataract surgery are today techniques of choice to treat cataract.

The International Society for Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgeons (ISMSICS) is organizing its 8th International event, the 1st World Congress on SICS in Pune, India from 4-6th December 2015. The Comprehensive Cataract Conference (CCC) shall have deliberation on all aspects of cataract surgery from operation theatre preparation & sterilization to patient selection & positioning, surgical technique, postoperative care & refraction. It will have a wide array of live surgical demonstrations of various types of cataract surgery & focus on the entire gamut of cataract management. Nearly 20 faculties from 8 countries have confirmed and we expect more. There would be sessions on concomitant management of cataract & glaucoma, cataract & petrygium and cataract & posterior segment problems (uveitis, vitrectomised eye, diabetic maculopathy, etc).

Pune is a green, historical city with salubrious climate. December is very pleasant, may be a bit chilly. This cultural capital of Maharashtra has numerous hill stations and world heritage sites within few hours driving distance. The Mumbai International airport is just 3 hours away. Please confirm your participation at earliest so we can give you the best facilities in December. Please do contact any of us if you have any queries. There is our website and for further details.

You could also send your registrations & free paper abstracts by post to the ISMSICS office address. There is a competition section with attractive prizes for the free papers & posters. But registration is mandatory for presentation. (Dr. Gogate’s Eye Clinic, 102-Kumar Garima, Tadiwala Road, Pune-411001. Ph : 020-66027227, 26059723, 9am to 6pm). Email:

Dr. Amulya Sahu



AIOS OPL intro video

AsianOphthalmology Alliance logo All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) OPL (Ophthalmic Premiere League) (Video)

To watch the video please click on the link below :


“Chemo-Vitrectomy” for Macular Hole with Ocriplasmin :Case report

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“Chemo-Vitrectomy” for Macular Hole with Ocriplasmin

I am quite fortunate to be able to visit the Tun Hussain Onn National Eye Institute and Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia at least twice a year. Even more fortunate is the fact that whenever I come, Dr Pall Singh FRCS, FRCOphth, a very senior Vitreo-retina specialist of the hospital, almost always has a new and interesting case to share with me.

This time (Jan 2015) when I met him, he had a case of Idiopathic Macular hole to show me. We all see macular hole cases often enough. What was new was that he had given this case an intra-vitreal injection of Ocriplasmin, a recombinant proteolytic enzyme, 4 days earlier. The vision improved from 6/24 to 6/6P. Sharing the Fundus photo, pre-injection OCT and post-Injection OCT with you. Incredible results !

The injection is quite expensive though. In Malaysia it costs about RM 17,000/- (Approx. USD 4600/-). The patient was so pleased that he got the injection in the other eye as well yesterday. Hopefully he’ll get similar results in the other eye too.

Also sharing a photograph of me with Dr Natarajan Sundaram and Dr Pall Singh….

Thanks dear Dr Pall Singh…


Dr Sarbjit Singh
Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
Khanna 141401 Punjab

Treatment of MacularHole with Ocriplasmin



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